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A Grand Prize for Graduate Student Bharadwaja Peddinti

Bharadwaja Peddinti
Bharadwaja Srimat Tirumala Peddinti

Graduate student Bharadwaja Srimat Tirumala Peddinti (S.T.P.) won the poster competition Grand Prize at the 2018 Triangle Student Research Competition (TSRC).

The TSRC is a competition for students from local universities. It’s an opportunity for participants to showcase and share their research with one another, a networking event, and an opportunity to practice for national conferences and compete for prizes.

The goal of the event is to support the active growth of the North Carolina Research Triangle Chapters of the Material Science and Electrochemical Society. The target audience includes scientists from the Triangle region, including local universities, and representatives from companies in the area.

TSRC ’18, was held at The Frontier campus in the Research Triangle Park. The ~50 posters were divided into five categories:

  • Modeling, Computation, and Theoretical Simulations
  • Methods for Making New Materials
  • Materials Characterization, Devices, and Sensors
  • Biomaterials
  • Electrochemistry, Devices and Sensors

Each poster was reviewed by three judges, and a winner from each category was selected. S.T.P.’s poster,  “Photodynamic Polymers for Anti-Infective Materials,” was registered in the Materials Characterization, Devices, and Sensors category.

S.T.P., who’s originally from Hyderabad, India, completed his undergraduate degree at the Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology (CBIT) and a Masters degree at the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (IITG). He worked for six months as a senior project fellow at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), after which he started his PhD studies in Fall 2015 in Dr. Spontak’s group.

The paper that’s associated with S.T.P.’s research work, “Photodynamic Polymers as Comprehensive Anti-Infective Materials: Staying Ahead of a Growing Global Threat,” is published in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. S.T.P. is the first author. Dr .Frank Scholle (Department of Biological Sciences) and Drs. Ghiladi and Spontak are co-authors.

An article describing the research was published on the NC State News web site.

Congratulations S.T.P.!