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AIChE 2023 Annual Student Conference Round-Up

AIChE 2023 Annual Student Conference Attendees

The chapter would like to acknowledge a number of members for their participation at the conference.

The first place winners from each of nine student regional paper competitions present their prize winning papers during the AIChE Annual Meeting. The top three were recognized. Representing the Southern Region and receiving an award:

  • Katie Traynelis – 3rd place (and prize of $200) High throughput mapping of epigenetic enzyme activity; advised by Dr. Albert Keung and Dr. Balaji Rao and mentored by Ph.D. candidate Alison Waldman.

Well done, Katie! The chapter is extraordinarily proud!

Nine NC State students entered the poster competition. All had impressive presentations.

  • Titus Szobody – 1st place Materials Engineering and Sciences I; Silver Coated Ionic Liquids for Next Generation Liquid Phase Space Optics; advised by Dr. Michael Dickey; NASA Goddard Space Flight Center REU
  • Carwynn Rivera – 2nd place Materials Engineering and Science III; Precise Lateral Area-Selective Deposition; advised by Dr. Greg Parsons
  • Ryan Sedlacek – 2nd place Catalysis and Reaction Engineering IV; Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane to ethylene: molten salt promoted catalyst with passive carbon capture; advised by Dr. Fanxing Li
  • Jenna Kolbe – 3rd place Food, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology VI; Scalable Expression of LbCas12a in E.coli; advised by Dr. Qingshan Wei

Other presenters included:

  • Emanuel Aponte Torres – Product Distribution at Different Conversions of Polypropylene; advised by Dr. Ezgi Toraman, Penn State REU
  • Lauren Hullender – Influence of TiO2 Structure on Metal-Support Interactions in Rh/TiO2 Catalysts Probed by Propylene Hydrogenation and Other Techniques; advised by Dr. Helena Hagelin-Weaver and PhD candidates Hanqin Zhao and Li-Yin Hsiao, UF Gainesville REU
  • James Kurdi – Continuous Manufacturing of Nanomedicines for the Treatment of Breast Cancer Brain Metastases; advised by Dr. J. Chuck Harrell and Dr. Sandro R. P. da Rocha, VCU REU
  • Amy Leister – Optogenetic regulation of transcription factor dynamics and downstream gene expression in single cells; advised by Dr. Albert Keung
  • Christine Stark – High-throughput single-cell sequencing of B. fragilis populations in the mouse gut;  advised by Ophelia Venturelli, University of Wisconsin-Madison REU

You all had great posters and fantastic presentations. We hope you will consider presenting again at Regionals!


  • Ryan Sedlacek – Donald F. Othmer Sophomore Academic Excellence Award; Ryan was recognized at the Freshman/Sophomore Awards Ceremony as well as the Student Awards Ceremony. This award recognizes the sophomore member with the highest GPA.
  • Jaden Leatherman – Freshman Recognition Award; Jaden was recognized at the Freshman/Sophomore Awards Ceremony as well as the Student Awards Ceremony. This award recognizes an active freshman member. Jaden was recognized in absentia, as she is currently on co-op.


  • The student chapter received recognition as a 2022-23 National Outstanding Chapter during the Student Awards Ceremony