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Artem Rumyantsev Has Joined the CBE Faculty

Professor Artem Rumyantsev
Professor Artem Rumyantsev

Dr. Artem Rumyantsev joined the CBE faculty as an Assistant Professor in January 2023.  Artem earned his M.S. (2013) and Ph.D. (2017) degrees in polymer physics from the Physics Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, under the supervision of Prof. Elena Kramarenko, where he studied the swelling of polyelectrolyte gels and interactions of microgels with ionic surfactants.

After his graduate studies, Artem performed a postdoctoral assignment with Drs. Oleg Borisov and Ekaterina Zhulina at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) on the scaling theory of polyelectrolyte complex coacervates.  He performed a second postdoc in the laboratory of Prof. Juan de Pablo at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, where he also collaborated with the experimental group of Prof. Matthew Tirrell.

Prof. Rumyantsev’s research combines scaling theory, field-theoretic methods, and coarse-grained simulations to explore the relationships between polymer structures and their associated physical properties. His research also deals with fundamental problems of polymer physics, including in the biological context.  A particular interest is on ionic polymers, such as polyelectrolytes and polyampholytes, in which the combination of long-range Coulomb interactions and connectivity of charges results in unique conformational and phase behaviors.

Prof. Rumyantsev is teaching ChE 205 Chemical Process Principles (Material and Energy Balances) this spring and is building up his research program.  He says, “I am thrilled to move to the Research Triangle area and become a member of the Wolfpack. The CBE Department of NCSU has a unique collaborative atmosphere and strong team spirit. I am looking forward to starting multiple fruitful collaborations within the Department, which is recognized for outstanding research and scientific excellence, particularly in the area of synthetic and biological polymers I am working in.”

Welcome Dr. Rumyantsev!