Requesting Recommendation Letters

I am happy to support student applications for internships, graduate programs, scholarships, and full-time employment.  Please review the policies and procedures below prior to requesting a letter of recommendation or professional reference.

Letters of Recommendation

To qualify for a letter of recommendation for an internship, co-op or graduate/professional program/fellowship*, students should:

  • Have completed at least 1 semester of class with me -OR- be one of my advisees for at least one semester
  • Earned B or higher in all classes completed with me.
    • Technical positions require completion of a technical class, not CHE 395 alone
  • Interacted with me in a meaningful way outside of class or through consistent class participation

To request a letter of recommendation students must:

  • Submit the request in writing via email at least two weeks in advance of the deadline
  • Include the following in the initial request:
    • Deadline and mechanism of submission
    • Up-to-date resume
    • Answers to the following questions:
      • Briefly describe the position or graduate program you’re applying for.
      • Why are you interested in this opportunity?
      • What is your ultimate career goal? How will this opportunity help you achieve that?
      • What characteristics about yourself would you like me to include in the letter?  Can you point to instances in the course/our advising interactions where you demonstrated those traits?
      • What other experiences have you been involved in (research, internship, clubs, etc.) that are relevant to the position? What did you learn/gain from each experience?

*Since letters of recommendation for external graduate/professional programs and national scholarships are longer and require more detail, students must meet additional requirements.  Please schedule a meeting and discuss with me at least 1 month prior to the deadline to see if I feel I will be able to write you a strong enough letter based on your performance and our interactions.

Professional References

  • Companies typically contact professional references to gain additional insight into a candidate’s personality, work ethic, and overall interpersonal skills once that candidate is under serious consideration for a position. As such, it is important that I know you well to serve as a personal reference.
  • You must have interacted with me significantly outside of class for me to serve as a professional reference. Otherwise, it will be difficult for me to write a strong, specific letter.
  • You must ask me first before listing me as a reference. If I agree, I will provide you with the best contact info to put in the application.