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Complete List of Distinguished Alumni

NameDegree 1Year 1Degree 2Year 2Degree 3Year 3CBECOE
Angelo, William E.BS Chem Eng194220162006
Brookes, Chisa K.*BS Chem Eng2002PhD Chem Eng-Michigan State U20072017*
Claiborn, Candis S.BS Chem Eng-U Idaho1980PhD Chem Eng19912016
Clausi, Dominic T.BS Chem Eng1994PhD Chem Eng-UT Austin19982017
Clontz, Novin A.BS Chem Eng1965MS Chem Eng1967PhD Chem Eng196920161996
Culberson, S. FrankBS Chem Eng1960MBA-U Houston196620162002
Day, Wayne T.BS Chem Eng196520162007
Dyer, Joseph W.BS Chem Eng1969MS Finance-Naval Post Grad School2016
Easter, Steffanie B.BS Chem Eng1985MS Eng Mgmt-Catholic U of America19952017
Ferrell, James K.BS Chem Eng-U Missouri1948MS Chem Eng-U Missouri1949PhD Chem Eng195420161992
Gabriel, Elin E.BS Chem Eng1985MBS-William & Mary199720162015
Garrett, Leland E.BS Chem Eng1971MD-Medical U of SC19762017
Garwood, Jeffrey R.BS Chem Eng1984MBA-UNC198820162014
Garwood, William R.BS Chem Eng1960MS Ind Mgmt-U Tennessee196720161993
Gutierrez, Carlos D.BS Chem Eng196020162010
Hudson, Kent O.BS Chem Eng1975BS Pulp & Paper Sci and Tech19752017
Killian, Michael D.BS Chem Eng1968MBA-Tulane197420162000
Lampe, Sr., Ross W.BS Chem Eng195120162002
Harry "Hal" Lawton, IIIBS Chem Eng1996BS in Pulp & Paper Technology1996MBA-U Virginia20002018
Moss, Arthur P.BS Chem Eng193220161969
Paradise, Eric M.*BS Chem Eng & Biochem2001PhD Chem Eng-UC Berkeley20062016*
Paul, Donald R.BS Chem Eng1961MS Chem Eng-U Wisconsin1963PhD Chem Eng-U Wisconsin196520161994
Phillips, Richard B.BS Chem Eng1964MS Chem Eng1966PhD Chem Eng19702018
Proctor Mustin, TracyBS Chem Eng19842018
Ramseur, Jr., Fred H. BS Chem Eng193620161973
Siripurapu, SriniMS Chem Eng2000PhD Chem Eng20032018
Stutts, Jr., Carl S.BS Chem Eng1968MBA-U Houston19752016
Weinberg, Alan S.BS Chem Eng19632016
Wilson, F. PerryBS Chem Eng196320161972
Zumstein, Ronald C.BS Chem Eng19872018
Gregory P. HatemBS Chem Eng19852021
Michael W. LowderBS Chem Eng1978MBA, East Tennessee State University19862021
Stephenie L. RoberstonBS Chem Eng1995MS in Chemical Engineering, U. South Florida20012021
William B. Thompson, Jr.BS Chem Eng1978MBA, University of Virginia19822021
Elizabeth A. Nance*BS Chem Eng2006PhD in Chemical Engineering, Johns Hopkins20122021*

*Young Alumni Award Recipient