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Congratulations Graduates!

May 2018 GraduatesOn Saturday, May 12, 2018, one hundred-forty-three CBE undergraduate students and thirty-one graduate students received their well-earned Chemical Engineering degrees at the NC State Commencement Ceremony. Twenty-seven of the graduate students received M.S. degrees and four received Ph.D. degrees.

Among the undergraduates, twenty-one were valedictorians (4.0 GPA) and twenty-seven participated in either the University Scholars Program or the University or Department Honors Programs.

In addition to their ChE degrees, the undergraduates earned another seventeen B.S. degrees and fifty-five academic minors. Thirteen undergraduates participated in the University Cooperative Education Program, and seven of the M.S. graduates earned their degrees online as participants in the NC State Engineering Online Program.

A companion article on this web site includes a list of the awards and honors all students in the department earned during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Due to privacy considerations, we’re not allowed to include names of graduates in this article.