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Dr. Dickey’s Liquid Gallium Research Featured in Chemical & Engineering News

ultra-stretchable-wires-from-thermoplastic-elastomers-317884298-1373337151Dr. Michael Dickey and his research group have made many advances in understanding the properties and behavior of a certain class of liquid gallium alloys. The group pioneered creating the alloys and some of their early uses as flexible electronics and self-healing wires.

Recently, the work received prominent mention in an article in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN). The article, Liquid metals take shape – Unique properties of gallium alloys pave the way to stretchable, self-healing electronics, provides an overview of this new technology.

Congratulations to Dr. Dickey and your group for having your work so prominently displayed in one of the most highly read news journals in the chemistry and chemical engineering realm!