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Graduate Student Hannah Margavio: Panel Moderator at the 2023 Materials Research Society Spring Meeting

Graduate Student Hannah Margavio recently served as moderator for the Microelectronic & Advanced Packaging Roadmap Technologies Panel at the 2023 Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring Meeting in San Francisco. Being selected as a moderator at a major international conference is a rare recognition of talent for anyone, especially for a graduate student.

The author of a Linkedin interview with Hannah that’s focused on her role as panel moderator describes her as, “a Ph.D. candidate at NCSU with two prestigious awards already under her belt. Margavio won Top 10 Best Student Presentation Award at SRC’s TECHCON 2022 as well as the ALD 2022 Best Student Paper award from the American Vacuum Society. Her work ‘focuses on understanding the fundamental mechanisms of area-selective thin film growth and nucleation via simultaneous deposition and etching.’ SRC is the Semiconductor Research Corporation. ALD is Atomic Layer Deposition.”

Hannah is a member of the Parsons’ research group. A native of Memphis, Tennessee, she earned her B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Her research topic is low-temperature thermodynamically driven area-selective deposition of thin film semiconductor materials.

The Linkedin interview, “Speak Up, Get Creative, and Have Fun!” is available here for reading. A Linkedin account isn’t required to access the interview.

Congratulations to Hannah for this singular honor!