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Professor Gregory Parsons is an Intel 2022 Outstanding Researcher Award Recipient

Professor Gregory Parsons
Professor Gregory Parsons

Celanese Acetate Professor Gregory Parsons is an Intel 2022 Outstanding Researcher Award recipient. The annual award program “recognizes exceptional contributions made through Intel university-sponsored research to help further Intel’s mission of creating world-changing technology to improve daily life.”

Parsons’ research explores chemical reactions on surfaces, particularly for formation of thin films by atomic layer deposition. He joined the (then) Department of Chemical Engineering in 1992, after a post-doctoral position at IBM TJ Watson Research Center. His research interests include: Atomic Layer Deposition and Related Processes; Physics of Electronic Materials and Devices; Polymer Fiber and Film Formation, Coating and Chemical Surface Modification; Metal-Organic-Framework (MOF) Materials and Thin Films; Advanced Energy Storage and Solar Energy Conversion. His expertise also includes: Thin Film Transistor (TFT) and Flat Panel Active Matrix Display (esp. AMLCD) Devices and Manufacturing, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Plasma Enhanced CVD, Plasma Etching and other processes.

The Outstanding Researcher Awards, “… are part of Intel’s Corporate Research Council, which participates in research initiatives with prominent university science and technology centers, and other ecosystem participants…

Each year, we carefully select researchers based on aspects of the sponsored research such as technical difficulty, fundamental insights, and industry relevance particularly to Intel. We extend our well-deserved congratulations to the 2022 Outstanding Research Award winners,” said Aravind Dasu, co-director of Intel’s Corporate Research Council.”

Prof. Parsons’ prior awards include the RJ Reynolds Award for Research Teaching and Extension, the NC State Alumni Outstanding Teacher Award, the Alcoa Foundation Distinguished Engineering Research Award, the International ALD Innovation Award and the Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professorship Award. He is also a Fellow of the American Vacuum Society (AVS) and an NC State Thank a Teacher Recipient.

He has mentored over 40 Ph.D. graduates and 80 undergraduate researchers, and he has authored or co-authored over 270 articles in peer-reviewed journal articles and delivered over 200 invited seminars and research presentations nationally and internationally.

A brief video of Prof. Parsons discussing his research and his approach to faculty mentorship is available for viewing here.

Congratulations to Professor Gregory Parsons for all of your professional accomplishments and honors!