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Professors Jan Genzer, Saad Khan, and Orlin Velev Will Be Inducted into the NC State Research Leadership Academy


Distinguished Professors Jan Genzer, Saad Khan and Orlin Velev will be inducted into the NC State Research Leadership Academy (RLA), effective with the 2022/23 academic year.

Established in FY2016, the RLA is composed of the University’s most outstanding researchers and mentors from diverse fields. Members are selected based on their records of active engagement in research and mentoring of faculty.

The RLA is charged with the development and advocacy of best research and administrative practices for the development of the diverse research faculty at NC State. Membership in the Academy is lifetime as long as the member is associated with NC State with a commitment of active service to the Academy for a minimum of three years.

Members are expected to take an active role in promoting the research enterprise across campus by leading activities such as seminars, research and leadership education programs, and mentoring programs for faculty. The goals of the RLA are to encourage a culture of mentoring across campus, empower faculty for success, and advance an intellectual, multidisciplinary research community and the best administrative practices.

The inductees will also be recognized at this year’s Faculty Awards Ceremony on Monday, April 18.

Congratulations to Professors Genzer, Khan, and Velev for this important honor!