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Profs Cooper, Spontak and Westmoreland Selected to Receive Faculty Awards

Professors Matt Cooper, Rich Spontak and Phil Westmoreland have received awards based on their high levels of achievement as faculty members…

Professor Cooper was named an Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor. The award recognizes his long-term, distinguished service in undergraduate teaching. Awardees retain the title for as long as they remain a member of the NC State faculty. Professor Cooper is a previous recipient of an NC State Outstanding Teacher Award, which “recognizes excellence in teaching at all levels.”

Professors Spontak and Westmoreland were selected to be members of the Research Leadership Academy (RLA).

The RLA “is composed of the University’s most outstanding researchers and mentors from diverse fields; members are selected on their records of and active engagement in research and mentoring of faculty.” “The goals of the RLA are to encourage a culture of mentoring across campus, empower faculty for success, and advance an intellectual, multidisciplinary research community and the best administrative practices.”

Congratulations to Professors Cooper, Spontak and Westmoreland for these excellence-affirming awards!