Tutorial lectures presented by Prof. Velev to the group about the basics of colloidal experimentation, principles of assembly and manipulation of colloidal structures and making nanocoatings, Pickering emulsions and other soft matter systems.

Prof Velev’s nanocoating lecture: Principles and applications of coatings from colloidal particles.
This lecture discusses the principles and presents examples of electric field driven particle assembly.
This lecture presents a number of responsive and sustainably prepared Pickering foams and emulsions
This demonstration covers the basics of the operation of our Olympus universal optical microscope.
This tutorial overviews the colloidal interactions encountered in suspensions of microplastic particles.
This lecture presents an overview of the electric and magnetic field-driven particle manipulation and assembly.
This tutorial discusses the role of pH, electrolyte and surfactants in colloidal research and how to control them.
A discussion why some experiments in surface science require highly cleaned surfaces and how this is done.