Mike Petrecca


B.S., Chemical Engineering, 2019
The Ohio State University

Soft dendritic colloids (SDCs) are novel polymer microparticles that are synthesized via shear driven solvent-non-solvent polymer precipitation. These particles have exceptionally high surface area which results in larger cohesive and adhesive properties from the increase in van der Waals interactions. Recognizing that cohesive and electrochemical interactions are both interfacial phenomena, these particles are excellent candidates for use in several components in energy storage devices.

My research aims to leverage SDC technology to improve several components of Li-ion batteries. Firstly, I am developing nonwoven PVDF SDC membranes which show excellent mechanical stability, ionic conductivity, and porosity, making them an excellent battery separator. The increase adhesive forces of the colloids will make them a more efficient binder material, and I am researching ways to replace traditional binder with SDCs for electrode fabrication. Finally, I am fabricating SDC nanocomposite polymer electrodes with interwoven conductive additives to enable fast-charging polymer batteries.